Stompsters Pedalboard Velcro Alternative | Creator Interview 

 There’s a problem that I see in the music industry where there’s a lot of cheap products out there and especially for musicians who are just starting out, they try all these different products and the products don’t last very long or they break, and the products that are really good that last a long time, well those products are usually really expensive. So I wanted to create a company that is really focused on providing affordable products that work really well.

 A Velcro Alternative?

 When you secure a pedal with Velcro and you step on it, it will still slightly wiggle, and over time that means the connections that are connected to the pedal are also wiggling and they wear out. With Stompsters the pedal does not move at all. So those connections stay more stable. Having to worry or open up your pedal board before a gig and find that your pedals have fallen off or that things have jumbled around while they’re in the van or in the trailer or whatever, can be really frustrating because then all of a sudden on top of everything else you normally worry about, you have to worry about putting your pedal board back together before the gig happens. Stompsters has the advantage of not falling off ever, because the pedals are screwed to the board, they’re not going to move. You don’t have to replace them. They are made out of metal so they don’t wear out and you don’t have to buy them over and over again like you do Velcro.

What are Stompsters?

 So Stompsters were originally created for bike chain links and you can take apart the bike chain link, you can attach it to the pedal, and then you can screw the pedal down. It’s kind of tiring to take apart a bunch of bike chains all the time and every time you want to create a pedal board or do something, you have to take apart a bike chain link. You have to buy a bike chain tool and a bike chain and you end up spending about 30, 40 bucks on all the materials to do that. So I thought well why not create a product that just supplies everybody with what they need.

Will Stompsters work with my pedals?

Most any pedal that you can see four screws on the bottom of it, you’re going to be able to install Stompsters. Doesn’t always work, they don’t work with every pedal, but as a majority solution to Velcro it’s going to work most of the time. When you buy packets of Stompsters you get 20 Stompsters, you get the screws to then screw them to the pedal board, you get machine screws that will replace the screws on the boutique pedals, you get enough for 3 boutique pedals to replace those screws, and it also comes with some spacers. But with one package of Stompsters, you’re getting enough hardware to cover 5 pedals.



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